What version of BCAAA should I be running?


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Symantec Network Protection Services (NPS) updated its authentication agent to version BCAAA 6.1. This update includes support for additional Symantec NPS products, such as PacketShaper, as well as some performance and reliability enhancements. These latter enhancements rely on the newer APIs provided in Windows Server 2008 and later; these are the only Windows Server versions compatible with this version of BCAAA. 



Symantec recommends that customers using Windows Server 2008 or later upgrade to BCAAA 6.x to take advantage of ongoing software enhancements and support. BCAAA 6.1 is compatible with all currently available supported 6.x releases
The previous version of BCAAA, 5.5, which is compatible with Windows Server 2003, will continue to be supported through the end of Microsoft's extended support for Windows Server 2003. BCAAA 5.5 is compatible with SGOS 5.4, 5.5, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5 releases.
UPDATE: Windows 2003 is now EOL and Symantec now does not support or recommend running BCAAA 5.5. Please review release notes and upgrade procedure to upgrade to 6.1.x BCAAA
To review important information about BCAAA refer to:  
Download BCAAA here:
https://support.symantec.com > Sign In using your BTO/Symantec support credentials > MySymantec > Downloads > Software Downloads > BCAAA install files are found with any latest SGOS General Availability (GA) releases download page for your product