SNMP supported versions in ProxySG and ProxyAV


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AV-2400 ProxyAV Software - AVOS AV-810 AV-510 AV-1200 AV-1400 SG-300 Symantec WebFilter (formerly Blue Coat WebFilter - BCWF) SG-600 Intelligence Services SG-510 SG-810 SG-9000 SG-900 SG-S500 SG-S400 Secure Web Gateway Virtual Appliance SG-S200 ProxySG Software - SGOS SWG VA-100


What version of SNMP is supported?
You want to know what version of SNMP is supported


As of version 6.5.x.x of SGOS the ProxySG supports the following versions SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.


Note: For SNMPv v3, configure users instead of community strings.  Then configure the traps and informs by user rather than by community string.