When configuring a pair of ProxySGs in fail-over mode, what multicast IP address should be used?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


 When configuring ProxySGs in a fail-over pair, it is important to configure the same multicast address on both proxies. It is also important for the device that sits between the appliances to forward the multicast packets.

If you want to use as the multicast address for example, both proxies have to have configured as the multicast address to use.


If both units act as master even after configuring the same multicast address, the likely cause of the issue is that the switch connecting the proxies isn't forwarding the packets.

To troubleshoot this type of issue, a packet capture should be taken and examined.

  • If no multicast packets are seen, the HA configuration is either incomplete or disabled
  • If multicast packets are sent but not received, the switch isn't forwarding multicast packets
  • If multicast packets are sent and received but HA still doesn't work, a password mismatch could be causing this