What type of information is in a flow detail record?


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Generally, a flow detail record (FDR) contains information about a TCP or non-TCP flow, such as where the flow originated and where it went to, the size of the flow (in terms of packets and bytes), and when the flow was sent.


The specific fields of information vary according to the type of record format. The NetFlow-5 record type identifies the flow’s Layer 4 protocol (such as TCP, UDP, or ICMP) and IP ToS/Diffserv. The Packeteer-2 format contains all the NetFlow fields as well as fields for Packeteer-specific data, for example: the traffic class into which the flow was classified, type of policy, number of retransmitted bytes, Response Time Measurement (RTM) data, packet exchange time, and VoIP statistics for VoIP streams implementing the RTCP standard.