What should I do when I get an HTTP return code 400?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Sometimes, a custom application which uses HTTP as a carrier protocol has an incorrect request header. In this situation the ProxySG returns 400 (HTTP return code). To address this, follow this procedure (particularly with an explicit proxy).

In this example, "Egnyte" is a user agent. Other parameters in the example are optional, such as AD group and user agent.

Do the following:

  1. Disable protocol detection.
  2. Add policy:

https://proxyIP:8082 > Configuration > Policy files > choose Local policy file  > from the drop down menu choose Text Editor > add the following policy

<proxy> allow

realm=Any_realm_name group="Any_ream_name\Any-Group" request.header.User-Agent="Egnyte" detect_protocol(none)

Note: Any_realm_name is the realm that's being used to authenticate users, Any-Group is the AD that this will be allowed for, and "Egnyte" is the user agent.

  1. From the ProxySG's CLI, do the following from Config mode

Proxy_host_name#(config)http tolerant-request-parsing


For more information on "http tolerant-request-parsing," please check KB article FAQ2220, and/or the CLI guide.