What should I do when the ProxySG's event log indicates an HDD error?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


The ProxySG appliance event log has indicated an HDD error, similar to the one shown below.

2012-XX-XX XX:XX:XX+09:00JST  "Disk 1 is invalid because the allocation map cannot be read IO status is 0x40105 (0x20002,0x4320002). (SEAGATE ,ST3500620SS     ,9QMCBQZM,0003)"  0 48005:1 Mailed ../ced.cpp:715
2012-XX-XX XX:XX:XX+09:00JST  "The root block address 0 on disk 1 is invalid."  0 4802F:1 Mailed ../ced.cpp:602



This error is most likely caused by a hardware-based problem with one of the hard disks on the appliance
Please contact the Bluecoat Support team and request an HDD RMA.