What SNMP OID do I use to poll the current and peak rate for a class?


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I need the SNMP OIDs (object identifiers) for current and peak rate so I can generate a bandwidth utilization with peaks graph.


The OID for Peak Rate is (SNMP-ClassRate).

The OID for Current Rate is (SNMP-ClassCurrentRate).

To find the OID for the class you want to poll, from the PacketShaper command line type:

class show

It will display the class information including the Class id which is used for the SNMP OID value. 

For example:

class show inbound/default

Traffic Class: /Inbound/Default
Partition: /Inbound
Class Flags: built-in inherited policy
Rule Types: match-all

Current guaranteed rate 0   excess rate 0

Matching Rules:
  [1  ]   match-all

Policy Flags: priority nontcp-squeeze nonweb-refuse web-http-refuse
Class id (for SNMP and Measurement Engine): 5

Use the "Class id" for the classes you want to monitor and replace 0 on the above OIDs with the "Class id" number. For example, Inbound/default has a class ID of 5 and Outbound has a class ID of 52, so the OIDs would be: for Inbound Peak Rate for Outbound Current Rate