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Will Vertica Data Repository servers allow ntpd instead of chrony?


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Default build in the environment continues to utilize ntpd instead of the newer replacement chrony. 

Will Vertica Data Repository servers allow ntpd instead of chrony?


r3.2 and newer releases onlyDoes not apply to r3.1 and older releases


  • Using xntpd should be just fine, as long as it can keep the time correct on the server. CA documented chrony as a requirement due to it being the new default on RHE7 installs, replacing xntpd. 
  • A FAIL message will be observed in the dr_validate script run if the chrony package is not installed. 
  • If the dr_validate script finds chrony installed it will enable and start it as needed. 
  • If you have installed chrony but wish to keep it disabled in favor of ntpd you may need to stop/disable it after running the dr_validate script. 
  • The Vertica installer checks for ntpd, ntp and chronyd. As long as one is present and running, or able to be started and run, it should install.