What PacketShaper features support IPv6?


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PacketWise 9.1 introduced support for IPv6. Here are the list of features that support IPv6. Also listed are the limitations.

Features that Support IPv6

The following PacketWise features support IPv6:

  • Autodiscovery of IPv6 traffic
  • Manual creation of IPv6 classes (IPv6 services, addresses, subnets) in Legacy UI, Sky UI, and CLI
  • Setting of partitions, dynamic sub-partitions, and policies on IPv6 classes
  • Collection of existing metrics for IPv6 traffic; new link ME variables available for tracking IPv4 vs. IPv6 traffic.
  • Graphing of IPv6 classes in Legacy and Sky UIs
  • Host analysis of IPv6 hosts
  • Display of IPv6 hosts in CLI command output: traffic flow, traffic history, hostdb show, hostdb info
  • Classification testing of IPv6 flows (class test)
  • Tracking of top talkers/listeners for IPv6 hosts

Feature Limitations

The IPv6 classification feature has the following limitations:

  • IPv6 DNS lookup in hostdb is not supported.
  • PacketShaper does not support compression or acceleration of IPv6 traffic.
  • Synthetic transactions for IPv6 classes are not supported.
  • You can do a packet capture of an IPv6 class, but you cannot filter for IPv6 hosts, IPv6 network ranges, host lists with IPv6 addresses, or IPv6 subnets.
  • Only the last 32 bits of IPv6 addresses are sent in a flow detail record; because of this, multiple hosts could appear as the same IP address in IntelligenceCenter Top Host reports. If you don’t want to send FDR data for IPv6 classes, you can use the setup flowrecords filters command to filter out your IPv6 classes.
  • Host lists cannot contain IPv6 addresses.
  • Classification by IPv6 host DNS names is not supported.
  • You cannot specify a range of IPv6 addresses in a class matching rule.
  • IPv6 addressing in the SNMP MIB is not supported.
  • The host accounting feature does not track data for IPv6 addresses.
  • The host adaptive response agents, such as High Bandwidth Hosts, do not monitor IPv6 hosts. Therefore, you should not use the host agents to track IPv6 hosts.
  • While the PacketShaper does send IPv6 URLs to WebPulse, the current coverage of IPv6 websites is limited. As IPv6 websites grow in popularity, this coverage is expected to improve.