What is the policy statement for the Chassis Replacement Unit (CRU)?


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AV-2400 AV-1200 AV-1400 CF-5000 SG-9000 SG-900


Chassis Replacement Unit Policy (CRU)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.     When does the updated hardware replacement policy take effect?

  • Effective October 24, 2012, Blue Coat’s hardware replacement policy will include chassis replacement units (CRU). For the full policy, please refer to: http://www.bluecoat.com/support/rma-info (Scroll to the Hardware Replacement section).

2.     Why is Blue Coat no longer shipping full unit replacements for those models? 

  • Blue Coat is committed to meeting our customers’ high support expectations.  To improve efficiency and time to resolution, Blue Coat leverages on-board hardware diagnostics that isolate failed components and ships out the appropriate replacements.
  • Blue Coat has determined that this approach will provide the following benefits:
    • Reduce security risks associated with shipping hard drives
    • Ensure faster delivery of replacement units due to reduced customs processing times 

3.     What if the hardware diagnostics are inconclusive or cannot be run?

  •  If the hardware diagnostics are inconclusive or cannot be run and Blue Coat determines replacement hardware is required, Blue Coat will ship a complete unit as replacement hardware.

4.     Why is the CRU policy only in effect for these models? 

  • To better serve its customers, Blue Coat has implemented this policy on platforms that have on-board diagnostics. The use of the on-board diagnostics will help the customer and Blue Coat identify whether the issue is HW or SW related and get the customer up and running in the shortest amount of time.

5.      Where do I find information on which components I need to remove from my appliance before shipping it back to Blue Coat?

  •  Instructions are provided with the CRU unit.

6.     What happens if I accidentally ship a full unit to Blue Coat without removing the necessary components?

  • The CRU is shipped as an advanced replacement unit.  The customer must transfer the appropriate FRUs (field replaceable unit) into the CRU before returning their appliance to Blue Coat. As stated in Blue Coat’s Hardware Replacement Policy, any hard drives, power supplies, power cables, or add-on cards received by Blue Coat will not be returned. 

7.     Will there be future models added to the list of models valid for the CRU Policy?

  • Yes, Blue Coat reserves the right to add additional models to its CRU Policy. 

8.     What if the CRU does not resolve my original problem?

  • Blue Coat will work with the customer and make every effort to diagnose and resolve the customer problem.