What is the maximum log file size for packet log/capture?


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I am using the packetlog feature to capture packets into a log file.

I'd like to know what the maximum log file size is and whether the size is configurable.


The maximum log size is a predetermined fixed amount, based on the amount of memory in your unit, as well as other features that use memory (such as the number of concurrent flows).

It is not configurable and is managed by the system automatically.

You can use the packet status command to see the maximum log file size.

For example:
PacketShaper#packet status

Packet logger status: OK 
Packet logging: On 
Log file directory: 9.258/pktlog 
Log file name: 11105053.dmp 
Log file format: tcpdump 
Maximum log size: 25165824 bytes 
Current log size: 2594890 bytes (10%) 
Packets in current log: 33923 
Logged class(es): /Outbound/Default/Inbound/Default

For more information about capturing packets into a log file, see

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