What is the exception you need to customize for the DLP message ?


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Data Loss Prevention


What is the exception you need to customize the DLP message ?

Can we customize a DLP error message ?

Which exceptions does DLP error use?



These are the alternative solutions for customizing the DLP messages:
1-      We  can customize the exception.virus_detected exception if customer is not using it for ICAP AV.
2-      We can make customize exception.virus_detected exception in a generic way that would be reasonable for detected viruses and data leaks.
3-      Use the vendor exception if it is customizable.
the first 2 alternatives you will need to customize the exception.virus_detected which looks like this in the exception file: ( Configuration> policy > Exceptions)
    (details "Content contained $(quot)$(x-virus-id)$(quot) virus. Details:$(crlf)$(x-virus-details)")
    (summary "Virus was detected in the content")
      (code "200")
For a document on how to customize/edit exceptions check https://bto.bluecoat.com/doc/10493
This is the DLP using the virus_detected exception to handle a DLP signature
And this is the vendor exception (BC in this case)