What is the interval of WCCP "Here I Am" packet the proxy sends out?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Interval of WCCP "Here I am" packets sent




Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP) is a Cisco-developed content-routing protocol that provides a mechanism to redirect traffic flows in real-time. It has built-in load balancing, scaling, fault tolerance, and service-assurance (failsafe) mechanisms.

- The default behavior of WCCP client (proxy/cache engine) should transmits "Here I Am" in every 10 seconds, proxySG as WCCP client behave the same.

- The router as WCCP server should waits 30 (3x10) seconds before declaring engine failed.


If seeing the "Negotiating membership" on the WCCP configuration page of the ProxySG, please refer to TECH241969- How to capture and display WCCP negotiation packets to further troubleshoot negotiation phase of WCCP.