What is the difference between NetFlow v5 and Packeteer-2?


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PacketWise's flow detail records feature offers three record types: NetFlow v5, Packeteer-1, and Packeteer-2.


  • The NetFlow-5 record type is for sending flow data records to a NetFlow v5 collector.
  • The Packeteer-2 record type is for sending send flow records to IntelligenceCenter.
  • The Packeteer-1 format can be emitted, but collectors for this format are not currently available.

NetFlow v5 is actually a subset of Packeteer-2, that is, Packeteer-2 flow records provide more information than NetFlow v5 records. NetFlow-5  provides header inforamtion including, Link layer, IP and TCP/UDP port numbers. In other words, NetFlow-5 is more routing centric.

Packeteer-2, on the other hand, has everything NetFlow v5 offers and more. Packeteer-2  includes service type, server location, policy, priority, VLAN ID, RTM, etc. Packeteer-2 has all the aggregate or individual flow metrics for each host/class. More details on Packeteer-2 format can be found in the IntelligenceCenter Getting Started Guide.

For information about defining flow detail record collectors, see Define Flow Detail Record Collectors in PacketGuide.