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Installed AEWS on seperate server, how to change dbaccessmode as scripts not avaliable


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We have installed CA-AEWS (Web Services) on a separate server connected to the scheduling Database (oracle). We have now changed the scheduler to use oracle wallets to only allow TCPS protocol to access the database, but script is not present to change the DBAccessMode on the CA-AEWS server


Need to migrate all the CA Autosys components to use TCPS protocol towards the oracle DB

(which requires oracle wallets for the connection validation)

How do we configure the Autosys web server to use an Oracle wallet for the database connection ?


WORKLOAD AUTOMATION AE, Release: 11.3.6. sp6



If CA-AEWS is installed  on a separate server and directory $AUTOSYS/dbobj/switchDBAccessMode does not exist, with the perl script,you can copy it from the Autosys Scheduler

For the configuration see details at this link