Difference between the expiration of the BCWF database and expiration of the BCWF license subscription?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS Symantec WebFilter (formerly Blue Coat WebFilter - BCWF)


A valid  "License subscription" authorizes a customer to use the BCWF database and obtain database updates for the term of the subscription. With the expiry of the subscription license, the customer is no longer authorized to obtain database updates and the ProxySG appliance will receive a "401" response when trying to update the database.


The term of the BCWF subscription is not displayed  on the ProxySG appliance. The ProxySG appliance is not aware of when the BCWF subscription will expire, thus the only time a customer will  know that the BCWF subscription has expired is when the content filter updates returns an error of "401" or when the appliance is unable to perform categorization lookups as all categories are recognized as "none".

Database expiration applies to the on-box version of the BCWF database.  By default, the ProxySG checks for automatic database updates and resets the database expiry date after each update.The BCWF database is valid for 30 days after it is published and the "Database expiry" period is reset after every update.  For more details on database expiry, refer the KB article: TECH243075