What is the best platform to run Blue Coat Reporter on?


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Blue Coat Reporter, like all databases, is a resource-intensive application. As such, its deployment should be carefully managed if the best performance is to be obtained. One aspect of the deployment is the platform over which Blue Coat Reporter should run. This article covers the available options and which one performs best under which circumstances.


Currently, Blue Coat offers three platform options for deploying Reporter:

  1. Microsoft Windows, both 32- and 64-bit architectures
  2. Linux, both 32- and 64-bit architectures
  3. Virtualized Reporter (ISO), this is a 64-bit version only of Reporter

Customers often ask which of these platforms will provide the best performance.

All things being equal, a virtualized deployment would provide the least optimal performance of the three options (this is being addressed), but currently, the differences are significant enough to avoid this deployment where performance is critical. Having said that, in some circumstances, for particularly small deployments this may still be a valid option as other aspects may outweigh the pure performance aspect of the deployment.

When assessing the remaining deployment options, bear the following in mind:

  • 64-bit OS will provide better performance than 32-bit OS
  • Microsoft Windows 64-bit platform is faster at log processing
  • Linux 64-bit platform is faster at report generation

As report generation is the  most performance-sensitive aspect of Blue Coat Reporter (generally speaking, customers process logs once but generate reports multiple times), and the one where the end-user will perceive the performance of the application, it would make sense to choose Linux if you wanted to get the most from Blue Coat Reporter.   

For a list of supported versions of Microsoft Windows and Linux, please refer to the rrelevant Reporter release notes

Other key aspects to bear in mind when deploying Blue Coat Reporter include:

  • Disk I/O
  • Memory
  • CPU

Please refer to the Reporter 9.x Sizing Guide for help with these parameters.