'Configuration is corrupt' message is encountered on the PacketShaper


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You have encountered the 'Configuration is corrupt' message on the PacketShaper.  


This issue happens mainly with PacketShaper that have been replaced via the RMA process.  Run the following CLI command:

set key show
If you see "linksize 0M" in the output, follow the steps below as it indicates that there is an invalid shaping license key.  
  1. Download license keys for your PacketShaper from the Symantec Support website using your Symantec (BTO) credentials: 
  2. Access the Command Line Interface (CLI).
  3. Install all the keys.
  4. Note:  If you see a message indicating that a key already exists, you may safely ignore that message.
  5. After executing all the key commands, including linksize key, you will need to reboot the PacketShaper.
  6. Run the set key show command again to verify that the linksize key has been updated with the proper value and you will no longer encounter the "Configuration is corrupt" message.