What is TCP Loss Recovery / Bypass-keep-alive / Fast-retransmit


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ProxySG Software - SGOS



TCP Loss Recovery Mode is a TCP algorithm that  helps recover throughput efficiently after packet losses occur in the network. It also addresses performance problems caused by the loss of a single packet during a large transfer over long delay pipes. By default, loss recovery mode is set  to the enhanced option.
To enable the algorithm:
SGOS#(config) tcp-ip tcp-loss-recovery-mode [enhanced | aggressive]
To disable the algorithm:
SGOS#(config) tcp-ip tcp-loss-recovery-mode [NORMAL]
Bypass-keep-alive is disable by default.
#(config) tcp-ip bypass-keep-alive {disable | enable}
Enables or disables keep-alive for bypass connections.
Fast-retransmit is enabled by default.
#(config) tcp-ip fast-retransmit {disable | enable}
Enables or disables fast retransmission.