What is causing all the errors on the PacketShaper Info page?


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One of the mechanisms to notify users about errors is to display them on the Info page.


The problem could be related to configuration, hardware, or the state of the unit. Most of the error messages are self explanatory and can be corrected based on the error description. There may be some instances where you may see something like 'Too many errors, discarding the rest.' This is most likely related to configuration issues. If you have a mismatch in one of the class/matching rules that is conflicting with all other classes, then you may see this error. In such a case, you should review the class tree and identify the class with the error. For example, if you have a 'match-all' class with IP/ANY matching rule towards the top of the class tree, it could conflict with any class below it and thus the error. To clear the error, you can simply delete such a class.