What is ICTM? What do I get ICTM errors


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What is ICTM?
Why do I get ICTM errors from the AV unit?
ICTM is the Intelligent Connection Traffic Monitoring system on the proxy AV unit.
These options enable the ProxyAV appliance to drop download connections that are taking longer than a normal time frame to complete. This keeps resources available to download other objects. Theseslow downloads might be suspected infinite stream connections, such as a stock ticker. As this type of download never ends, excessive Blue Coat ProxySG and ProxyAV appliance resources are consumed.
When Intelligent Connection Traffic Monitoring (ICTM) is enabled, the ProxyAV appliance checks for slow downloads. If the warning threshold is reached, the appliance notifies the administrator of the dropped URLs (through an e-mail or SNMP trap, if the option is selected), which allows for the creation of Blue Coat ProxySG policy to ignore these URLs. If the critical threshold is reached, the ProxyAV appliance terminates the oldest, slowest connections so that the level below the threshold is maintained.