What information should I provide support when creating a support incident for PacketShaper (creating a TS.zip file) ?


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The following information will be useful before creating a support incident for PacketShaper:


In order to efficiently analyze and troubleshoot the issue, we would like to get some additional information.

1. The output of the following commands will create a ts.zip file that will contain the unit’s configuration, diagnostic and log files. Please copy and paste following commands into Packetshaper command line.   

cd 9.258/

sys diag

rm ts.zip

zip -r ts.zip 9.258/diag

zip -r ts.zip 9.256/log

zip -r ts.zip 9.256/cfg

zip -r ts.zip 9.256/cmd

2. The ts.zip file will be created at the current working directory.  You can download the file to your computer by navigating to the correct directory using FTP or retrieve the file via ‘file browser’ at the ‘info’ tab of Packetshaper web interface (from ‘file browser’, go to the correct directory, right click on the ts.zip file and save to your computer).

At the time you create a service request, you will be asked to upload the ts.zip file. You can also manually upload the file to an already opened service request by following these instructions :

  • Go to the Secure File Upload Site (https://upload.bluecoat.com)
  • Fill all the required fields (Service Request number is very important).
  • Click the "Browse" button to locate and select the file to be uploaded
  • Click the "Upload File" button to complete the process and upload the file