What fields do NetFlow v5 records contain?


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Asset Management Solution ProxySG Software - SGOS


The NetFlow v5 record type contains the following fields. 

NameDescriptionOffsetField Length in Bytes
Source IPaddrProxySG appliance IP address 0 4
DestinationIPaddrCollector IP address 4 4
Next hop router IP address


Value is 0

 8 4
Next hop router IP address

SNMP index of input interface

A value of 0 indicates traffic being sent to the appliance

 12 2
Outbound snmpIFindex

SNMP index of output interface

A value of 0 indicates traffic originating from the appliance

 14 2
Packet CountNumber of packets in the flow 16 4
Byte CountTotal number of Layer 3 bytes in the packets of the flow 20 4
Time at Start of FlowValue of "SysUpTime" when the first packet in the flow was seen (measured in milliseconds) 24 4
Source PortSource application port number 32 2
Destination PortDestination application port number  34 2
One pad byteUnused (zero) bytes 36 1
TCP flagsProtocol state 37 1
Layer 4 Protocol

IP protocol type

Value is 17 for UDP

 38 1
IP Type of Service (ToS)/DiffservIP type of service (ToS) 39 1
Source Autonomous Sys ID


Value is 0

 40 2
Dest. Autonomous Sys ID N/A

Value is 0

 42 2
Source Mask Bits Count N/A

Value is 0

Destination Mask Bits Count


Value is 0

Two Pad Bytes Unused (zero) bytes462