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What happens when the licensed user limit is exceeded on the ProxySG?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


If you have more users connecting through the system than is coded by the model license, you have an option to configure the overflow behavior (after a permanent model license has been applied to the system).
The enforcement options are queue the connections or bypass through ProxySG and proceed directly to the server.
Only unique IP addresses of connections intercepted by proxy services are counted toward the user limit; furthermore, the number of users depends on the hardware model and whether or not ADN is enabled.

License-enforced user connection limits are advisory and are based on optimal performance for each ProxySG. The default setting is to not enforce user limits; however, when a user connection limit is breached, the ProxySG logs the event and the license health indicator changes to Critical. 

Note: The license limit described in this article pertains to the SGOS license. This does not apply to the content filtering license or the maximum acceptable client connections on the ProxySG.