Accesslog storage if it fails to upload in ProxySG


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Proxy is configured to upload logs which is failing now. This article details on what happens to the access-log file if upload fails continuously


If an Access Log file fails to upload as configured, Proxy will continue to store this file on local disk until it reaches the maximum disk size allocated for Access-Log. The file will be rotated locally based on the upload interval settings. The default disk space allocation for Access-Log is 20GB which can be viewed/changed at Configuration [Tab] > Access Logging > General > Global Settings.

Once the upload server resumes or start accepting log files, Proxy will start uploading the stored files to it. Once upload of these stored files completes, the local copy will be removed to free up space.

If the server is still not functional to receive logs when the Maximum log size is reached, Proxy will perform one of the below action based on the configuration


  • Stop Logging
  • Delete oldest log entries


Note: Eventlog entries are created when an Access-Log upload is failing to configured server. Monitoring the same and making corrective action in time will avoid such an issue