What does the timestamp means in "sys event display" for PacketShaper? How can we convert it to a readable date?


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How do I interpret the time from "sys e d" output and convert to readable form?

269 [0001232.7347] I: userSessionCreate: created 1300957381
270 [
0001232.7347] W: httpCookieChk: allowing legacy access to session XML_Access_touch
271 [
0001238.5280] I: polaritySwitchDaemon: polaritySwitchProcess(FALSE)
272 [
0001249.7780] I: polaritySwitchDaemon: polaritySwitchProcess(FALSE)
273 [
0001262.2780] I: polaritySwitchDaemon: polaritySwitchProcess(FALSE)


The numbers before the decimal represent seconds and the numbers after the decimal is in milliseconds. The timestamp starts to increase once the PacketShaper is up and running.

273 [0001262.2780] I: polaritySwitchDaemon: polaritySwitchProcess(FALSE)

Procedure to convert the above timestamp [0001262.2780] to a readable date in UTC.

1) Get the UNIX timestamp for the PacketShaper start time,

PacketShaper# sys utc show
UNIX time  = 1300957040 (seconds since 00:00:00 1 Jan 1970 GMT)
local time = Thu Mar 24 16:57:20 2011
UTC time   = Thu Mar 24 08:57:20 2011
time zone offset = -28800 sec (-8 hr, 0 min)
system up time = 892 sec + 597100 uSec
system ticks = 3212398360

2) Add up the UNIX time and the sys e d timestamp; you can ignore the milisecond variable.

1300957040 + 0001262.2780 = 1300958302 [UNIX timestamp]

3) Convert the UNIX timestamp using the online convertor

Example: http://www.onlineconversion.com/unix_time.htm

The converted date = Thu, 24 Mar 2011 09:18:22 UTC

Note: If you do not have the UNIX time from sys utc show, you may use the diagnostic date/time and system uptime to calculate the UNIX time when the PacketShaper boots up.