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Error tab on Investigator showing a lot of "404 page not found error "


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


 The Application is running in a Docker Container for CA APM 10.x.

Seeing a lot of "404 page not found" errors in the Error Tab of the Investigator.

How to suppress 404 page not found error?


APM 10.x


 You can uncomment and use this property in the IntroscopeAgent.profile to ignore the 404 errors: 

# The following series of properties lets you specify error messages
# to ignore. For errors with messages matching these filters,
# error snapshots and error metrics will not be generated or sent.  
# You may specify as many as you like (using .0, .1, .2 ...). You may use wildcards (*).  
# The following are examples only.
# Changes to this property take effect immediately and do not require the managed application to be restarted.
#introscope.agent.errorsnapshots.ignore.1=*HTTP Error Code: 404*