What do the LEDs mean on a ProxySG appliance?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


There are a number of LEDs on the ProxySG appliance that communicate system information to the user. This article describes the name and purpose of each LED and how you can use this information to diagnose problems.


There are two factors that are used to determine the LED state: the mode and the color. Both of these factors are necessary for unique identification.  The three modes that describe LED activity are:
 - off
 - on
 - blinking

The possible LED colors are:
- green
- amber
- red

Front Panel

There are two LEDs on the front panel and one LED for each disk. The Power LED is to the left of the LCD and the System LED to the right.


Power LED

Off: Powered off.
Solid/Amber:  The ProxySG  software is loading. At this point, the appliance has just been turned on and the software is booting. This is not a permanent state. Once the ProxySG software is loaded, the light will change to either solid green or to blinking, alternating between amber and green.

Blinking/alternating between Amber and Green:  The ProxySG software has loaded and is waiting for configuration. This is a permanent state until network settings are entered.
Solid/Green:  ProxySG software is powered on and configured. This is the expected state of an appliance operating under normal conditions. This is a permanent state.  Booting can sometimes take a few minutes, so wait a few minutes before shutting down or assuming a problem.
Red:  This indicates a hardware problem. Try power-cycling the appliance. If the LED once again turns red, please contact Symantec Technical Support.


System LED

The System LED is not in use for ProxySG appliances.


Hard Disk LED

Off:  No disk.
Solid/Red:  There is a hardware failure. This could indicate either a disk failure or an enclosure failure. Try switching the disk to a different slot. If the disk LED turns red again in a different slot, then the disk is bad and should be RMA'd. If the disk LED turns green, then the problem might be the enclosure itself. Test this by inserting a known good disk into the suspected bad slot. If this disk LED also turns red, then it points to a malfunctioning enclosure and the entire appliance should be RMA'd.  Please contact Symantec' technical support.
Blinking/Red:  The disk is offline. If a disk is removed from the system, when it is plugged back in, it will flash red for a few seconds while the software verifies the disk can be used.
Blinking/Green:  There is activity on the disk.
Solid/Green:  The disk is online but not in use.

The hard disk LED will flash green for a split second when the appliance is powered on. This flash is hardware generated and indicates the disk has power. If you are having trouble with your disk, and the disk LED does not show anything, check to make sure the disk is fully plugged in and that the SAS cable is not loose. If the problem persists, you should contact Symantec' technical support.


Back Panel

Each network interface has two LEDs. One describes the speed and one describes the activity.


Speed LED

Off: 10 Mbps
Solid/Green: 100 Mbps
Solid/Amber: 1000 Mbps

Activity LED

Off: No link
Solid/Green: Link
Blinking/Green: Network activity


The LCD displays relevant ProxySG software information to the user. It is also possible to flash the LCD backlight, which can help identify the appliance within a rack. The backlight can be turned on and off and flashing can be toggled from the CLI:

CF5k#(config front-panel)backlight ?
 flash                        Start flashing backlight
 state                        Configure backlight state
 timeout                      Configure backlight timeout value