What does the asterisk (*) mean next to the partition size on the Monitor Traffic screen?


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On the Monitor Traffic screen, there is an asterisk next to all the partition sizes.

What does this asterisk mean?


If you see an asterisk (*) next to the partition size on the Monitor Traffic screen, you are overcommitting (or oversubscribing) the link.

When this happens, PacketWise will scale back all partition sizes and add the * on the monitor page to indicate that this adjustment has occurred. In this situation, PacketWise will only burst if the partition burst limit has been explicitly set to a value.

So if you are overcommitting the link, your partitions should have a size and a burst limit, for example 2M-2M. If Burstable is selected but no value is entered for Limit, the partition will actually be non-burstable.

The Partition Summary shows additional information about overcommittment.