What does it mean by 'ProxySG SGOS with embedded SSL License'?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


Previously, the SSL Proxy license was offered as an option that was purchased separately. Complimentary SSL Proxy licenses are now offered to provide more functionality on the latest generation hardware at no additional cost. Complimentary licenses are not available on older-generation hardware.

The following appliances come with an SSL License key embedded in the SGOS.

  • SG300-5
  • SG300-10/35
  • SG600
  • SG900
  • SG9000-5
  • SG9000-10
  • SG9000-10
  • SG9000-30/40


The following appliances do not come with a complimentary SSL license. The customer must purchase the SSL card and the SSL License. 

  • SG210
  • SG510
  • SG810
  • SG8100