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What does the BCAAA EventID 1407 means ?


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You see the following entry in the Windows Application Event Log :
[1420:1432] Windows API function ReadFile failed for named pipe; status=109:0x6d:The pipe has been ended.

BCAAA is designed around two processes. The first is a persistent process called bcaaa.exe. This one accepts new connections from the SG and determines which version of the BCAAA API the SG needs to use.

The second process is the one that does all the processing. Once bcaaa.exe determines the API version it launches the corresponding bcaaa-xxx.exe process to handle the requests.

After being launched, bcaaa-xxx.exe attempts to talk to bcaaa.exe to get the identity of the socket connection back to the SG that it needs to take over. Bcaaa.exe and bcaaa-xxx.exe use a named pipe to talk to each other. For some reason this named pipe connection has failed.