What are the types of usernames Reporter can accept in a Access Log?


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Can Reporter process users names that are using the LDAP,  Fully Qualified Domain Name ( FQDN),  syntax?

What is the list of user name types Reporter can process in a access log?

On a standard access log bcreportermain_v1 from a ProxySG, the field name for user names is typically cs-username; can I use other field names in place of this?


Here is a list of user field names that Reporter is able to handle in a access log.

  • cs-user
  • x-cache-user
  • cs-userdn
  • x-radius-splash-username
  • x-cs-session-username
  • x-cs-user-credential-name

To ensure all the required fields are still in place we suggest you use the standard access log type, bcreportermain_v1, and  write a ProxySG policy to replace cs-username with any of the above fields .

NOTE1: We recommend replacing cs-username with cs-userdn for LDAP FQDN usernames.

NOTE2: If you are using IWA Realm configured on ProxySG and you would like to capture the user's actual name/fullname in the accesslog, currently IWA can not query these user's full name on ProxySG. It will only see the user login name you use for authentication through ProxySG.

For more details of what the required fields are in a access log, see this article :
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