What do 9.258/ and 9.256/ refer to?


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What do 9.258/ and 9.256/ refer to?


The PacketShaper file system is divided up into a 9.258/ directory structure and a 9.256/ directory structure. 9.258/ resides on the hard disk; 9.256/ resides on the flash.

9.258/ is used by PacketWise to store measurement engine data (in the MEASURE sub-directory), packet capture files created by the packet logging utility (in the PKTLOG sub-directory), log files created by the user events feature (in the LOG sub-directory), diagnostic information gathered periodically about the unit (in the DIAG sub-directory), and a copy of the backup.zoo backup image (in the SAV sub-directory).

9.256/ is used by PacketWise to store the active and backup images (in the BIN sub-directory), the unit's configuration files (in the CFG sub-directory), any CMD files created by "setup capture" (in the CMD sub-directory), bootlog/crash logs (in the LOG sub-directory), and plug-in files (in the PLG sub-directory).

PacketWise 6.0 and above includes a File Browser in the browser interface, allowing you to easily list, delete, upload, and download files.

See Use the File Browser in PacketGuide.