What are the sizing and connection limits for ProxySG 9000?


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With ProxySG 9000-40 (Proxy Edition), Blue Coat supports the following sizing and connection limits:

  • Up to 40,000 users at 70% CPU Utilization, assuming complex policies
  • 15% SSL
  • ICAP
  • Content Filtering
  • Access Logging
  • Limited Streaming Content

With ProxySG 9000-40, Blue Coat supports up to 40,000 users. ProxySG does not use any available client connections for policy evaluation, nor does policy evaluation impact the number of supported client connections. ProxySG does not limit the number of rules or policies that can be implemented, and while these guidelines include complex policies, additional rules and policies beyond the tested scenario can place added load to a system.

This is a guideline and actual capability and configurations can vary significantly from these guidelines and will depend on the technical requirements of the environment.