What are the OIDs for the sensors on the ProxySG 9000 appliance?


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SG-9000 ProxySG Software - SGOS


There are SNMP OIDs for each sensor on the ProxySG 9000.


The following is a list of sensors and the associated SNMP OID for the sensor:

Motherboard temperature 1
Motherboard temperature 2
Power supply 1 cage temperature
Power supply 2 cage temperature
CPU 1 temperature
Fan 1 speed
Fan 2 speed
Fan 3 speed
Fan 4 speed
Fan 5 speed
Power supply 1 fan status
Power supply 2 fan status
+3.3V bus voltage
+5V bus voltage
+12V bus voltage
CPU 1 core voltage
CPU 1 +2.6V bus voltage
Power supply 1 status
Power supply 2 status