What are the OIDs for the sensors on the ProxySG 900-10B?


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There are SNMP OIDs for each sensor on the ProxySG 900; I would like an OID listing.


Here is a list of sensors and the SNMP OID for that sensor:

Sensor Name
Motherboard temperature
Backplane temperature
DIMM-1 temperature
PSU1 core temperature1.
PSU1 amb temperature
DIMM-2 temperature
DIMM-3 temperature
DIMM-4 temperature
CPU temperature
Fan 1 front speed1.
Fan 1 rear speed
Fan 5 front speed1.
Fan 5 rear speed
Fan 7 front speed1.
Fan 7 rear speed
Fan 6 front speed1.
Fan 6 rear speed
Fan 2 front speed1.
Fan 2 rear speed
Fan 3 front speed
Fan 3 rear speed
Fan 4 front speed
Fan 4 rear speed
+1.05V PCH voltage1.
+3V battery voltage
+12V bus voltage1.
+3.3V bus voltage
+1.5V memory voltage1.
+5V standby voltage
+5V bus voltage1.
CPU +1.1V term voltage
CPU core voltage1.
PSU1 status

 Please note the ProxySG Appliance SG900-10B is a single power supply unit, so the high-end model of the SG900 that has a redundant PSU has slightly different OID order. as above.