What are the command line interface commands that Director pushes to a SG, before it pushes the profile out?


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Prior to the execution of a profile file against a SG appliance, Director pushes commands to the SG.  Are there some best practise recomendations for this?

Here's a list of what it pushes first.

  1.  A CLI command that creates backup of the config.  
  2. "restore-defaults director-defaults force"  
    1. This command resets the SG to default settings, as per the below details,  and reboots
    2. Reset the access logs on SG
    3. Reset the PAC file
    4. Reset the policy
    5.  Reset routing table
    6. Reset ICP settings
    7. Reset RIP settings
    8. Reset MMS settings
    9. Delete all client keys of sshd
    10. Restore defaults for SSL
    11.  Reset programmable bridges.
    12. Finally it  reboots the system
  3. After this reboot, the profilie is sent.

 Warning: There is a 1- 2 second delay between the first and second steps above where we recomend no Command line activity occurs from any other adminsitrator, or device. 

NOTE1: While the SG is rebooting, it contains default settings, and will not be providing any services.

NOTE2:  No pre, or post CLI commands are sent when you use a overlay push.

NOTE3: For a detailed list of more CLI commands, see 000014637