What are the OIDs for the sensors on the ProxySG?


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There are SNMP OIDs for each sensor on the ProxySG. 
What are those OIDs?


Here is a list of sensors and the SNMP OID for that sensor:

Sensor NameSNMP OID
Motherboard temperature1.
Power supply cage temperature1.
CPU 1 temperature1.
Fan 1 speed1.
Fan 2 speed1.
Fan 3 speed1.
Power supply 1 fan 1 status1.
Power supply 1 fan 2 status1.
Power supply 2 fan 1 status1.
Power supply 2 fan 2 status1.
CPU 1 fan speed1.
+3.3V bus voltage1.
+5V bus voltage1.
+12V bus voltage1.
CPU 1 core voltage1.
CPU 1 +2.6V bus voltage1.
Power supply 1 status1.
Power supply 2 status1.

(Note:  The above sensors come from an 8100-B, but they should be the same for most platforms)

The easiest way to verify any of the OIDs above is to use the SNMP get command and then verify the sensor reading in the sysinfo.  For example, here is a reading of the OID (with public configured as the community string) and the sensor output from a sysinfo:

Host> snmpget -c public -v2c <ProxySG IP>
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.3417. = INTEGER: 238

From the sysinfo:

Hardware sensors
URL_Path /Sensors/Current
; Sensor statistics

; Sensor name       Reading           Status
Motherboard temperature            23.8 C            OK             
Power supply cage temperature      19.8 C            OK             
CPU 1 temperature                  38.7 C            OK             
Fan 1 speed                        3883.5 RPM        OK             
Fan 2 speed                        3870.7 RPM        OK             
Fan 3 speed                        3834.4 RPM        OK             
Power supply 1 fan 1 status                          OK             
Power supply 1 fan 2 status                          OK             
Power supply 2 fan 1 status                          FAN STOPPED    
Power supply 2 fan 2 status                          FAN STOPPED    
CPU 1 fan speed                    6186.5 RPM        OK             
+3.3V bus voltage                  3.33 volts        OK             
+5V bus voltage                    5.12 volts        OK             
+12V bus voltage                   12.21 volts       OK             
CPU 1 core voltage                 1.47 volts        OK             
CPU 1 +2.6V bus voltage            2.59 volts        OK             
Power supply 1 status                                OK             
Power supply 2 status                                NO POWER       

Notice the value is 238 from the SNMP command which matches 23.8C as the motherboard temperature.

The OID values could change for newer platforms.  In that case you should be able to match the sensor readings from the sysinfo and the output of the snmpget command with OID (where "x" is 1, 2, 3, 4, and so forth).