Requirements to enable Direct Standby on PacketShaper


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The Direct Standby function allows two PacketShapers to work in a redundant network topology, with each unit connected to a different router, and the two units directly connected to each other. Both units are considered active and each unit can receive and forward traffic.

Follow the link below for a High Availability Overview in PacketGuide:


The following are the requirements to set up Direct Standby:

  1. Both PacketShapers are directly connected to each other through the OUTSIDE port on the upper-most or right-most LAN Expansion Module (LEM). Or on the PacketShaper 12000, the units are connected through their Standby ports.
  2. Both PacketShapers must be running the same version of PacketWise and have the same plug-ins installed.
  3. Both PacketShapers must have the same configuration limits (i.e. both PacketShapers must be 512-class PacketShaper 3500s). You should not mix PacketShapers with different capacities since the they will be passing the same traffic and require identical configurations.
  4. Both PacketShapers must have identical hardware configuration: the same PacketShaper model, link speed, installed memory, number of LEMs installed, and type of LEMs (fiber optic vs. copper Ethernet).
  5. The two PacketShapers must have the same touch password for the direct connection to be established.
  6. The bypass relays in the PacketShaper and all LEMs must be disabled in order to use the direct standby feature. See the link below for details:
  7. A customer portal IP address should not be configured.
  8. When using the Direct Standby function, the two PacketShapers must have similar traffic trees so that flows will be classified and controlled identically, and the same measurement data will be collected on each unit. You’ll want to make sure each PacketShaper has the same traffic classes, policies, partitions, and settings. Symantec offers several ways you can configure PacketShapers with the same settings. See the link below for details:

Note: If there is any difference in the two partner units, the Direct Standby feature will not function optimally.