How can CA Spectrum reread the MAC_Address of a device?


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CA Spectrum


Sometimes a MAC Address needs to be repopulated in CA Spectrum but the reconfiguration option does not read and/or update the MAC_Address attribute. 

How can Spectrum reread a devices MACADDRESS?


Release: 10.3.x and up
Component: SPCDSC - Spectrum Discovery 


Starting in CA Spectrum 10.03.00 and above there is a CLI update action code (0x10170) that can be used on the model.

For example:

spec01> cd /usr/CA/spectrum/vnmsh

spec01> ./connect

spec01> ./show models | grep SwCiscoIOS

0x1000089   Sim5126  0x2100b2    SwCiscoIOS

spec01> ./update action=0x10170 mh=0x1000089


Additional Information

You can add the following to the <SPECROOT>/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/topo/config/reconfiguration-subview-config.xml to create a "Rediscover MAC" button like the "Reconfigure Model" and "Discover Connections" buttons seen in the Reconfiguration subview of a model.

Do not edit the original. Make a copy and place the copy in <SPECROOT>/custom/topo/config

Copy the following "Rediscover MAC button" tags: 

<field-subview expanded="true">
<param name="actionID">0x10170</param>
<param name="text">Rediscover MAC</param>
<param name="toolTipText">Performs a MAC address discovery on the model</param>
<param name="confirmSuccess">true;true</param>

Add the snippet code here: 

Save the file and restart Tomcat for the changes to take effect.

You may also have to close and reopen instances of the Console for the button to render properly. 




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