What are the Decode information for Access Log Statistics?


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Decode information for Access Log Statistics


AL_STATS_0001logging enabled (0=no)   Discontinued   
AL_STATS_0002lifetime counter   
AL_STATS_0003LogManager Status (enumerated values below)  
 DISABLED0 Disabled
 ENABLED_RUNNING1 'Normal' mode.  We're enabled and running.
 ENABLED_UPLOAD_THRESHOLD 2 We passed the early upload threshold.
 STOPPED_OBJECT_ERROR3 We're stopped because of an error with the CE object.
 STOPPED_WRAP_FULL4 We're stopped because the log wrapped 
 USER_DISABLED5 Disabled because the configuration is not enabled.
 DISABLED_SHUTDOWN6 Disabled for pending shutdown
AL_STATS_0004LogReader status  
 LOG_CLOSED1 No Log Objects open
 LOG_READING2 Reading Log object
 LOG_DONE3 Reached end of log object 
AL_STATS_0005write status  
 AL_WRITE_DISABLED0 Log writing disabled
 AL_WRITE_IDLE1 Log writing idle
 AL_WRITE_ACTIVE2 Log writing
 AL_WRITE_ERRORED3 Log writing errored out
AL_STATS_0006LogStream status  
 AL_UPLOAD_DISABLED0 Access logging disabled
 AL_UPLOAD_IDLE1 Upload worker idle
 AL_UPLOAD_PENDING2 Upload pending 
 AL_UPLOAD_IN_PROGRESS3 Upload in progress
 AL_UPLOAD_SUCCESSFUL4 Upload successfull
 AL_UPLOAD_ERRORED5 Upload errored out
AL_STATS_0007logical log size (in bytes)   
AL_STATS_0008early upload threshold (in MB)   
AL_STATS_0009maximum log size (in MB)   
AL_STATS_0010number of physical log objects (excludes deleted entries)   
AL_STATS_0011index of the current log write object   
AL_STATS_0012reader index   
AL_STATS_0013reader block number   
AL_STATS_0014number of bytes in 24 KB write buffer   
AL_STATS_0015number of tail sockets in use   
AL_STATS_0016modified time   
AL_STATS_0017upload interval (hourly = 1, daily = 2) - upload_time/upload_hours   
AL_STATS_0018seconds until next connect   
AL_STATS_0019connect failure number   
AL_STATS_0020Is retrying (1=true)   
AL_STATS_0021connect reason  
 NORMAL0 Automatic (daily/hourly/continuous)
 UPLOAD_THRESHOLD1 Upload threshold reached
 MAX_SIZE2 Max size reached 
 USER_REQUEST3 Upload now request  
 MANUAL_CONNECT4 Expert level connect command 
AL_STATS_0022last rotate time  
AL_STATS_0023seconds until next rotate  
AL_STATS_0024rotate object index  
AL_STATS_0025rotate object checkpoint  
AL_STATS_0026remote filename  
AL_STATS_0027remote file size  
AL_STATS_0028Configured filename string length and string contents.  
AL_STATS_0029upload gzip file? (0 = no)   
AL_STATS_0030compressed upload log size (in bytes)   
AL_STATS_0031uncompressed upload log size (in bytes)   
AL_STATS_0032streaming? (0 = no)   
AL_STATS_0033seconds until next keep-alive   
AL_STATS_0034lag timer   
AL_STATS_0035last connect time   
AL_STATS_0036last upload result (0 = success, 1 = failure)   
AL_STATS_0037last max bandwidth   
AL_STATS_0038current bandwidth   
AL_STATS_0039LogStream worker flag 0 - busy, 1 - ready, 2 - mat max bandwidth   
AL_STATS_0040LogReader worker flag 0 - busy, 1 - ready   
AL_STATS_0041ecryption_certificate? (name)   
AL_STATS_0042signing_keyring? (name)