What are Early Retransmit Tossed Packets?


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In the Connection Retransmitions graph, I see the TCP % Early Retransmit Tossed Packets is in the range of 15-30%.

What are the early retransmit tossed packets? tcp-early-retx-toss-pkts

Count of TCP tossed retransmissions; PacketWise controls retransmission time-outs for outbound retransmissions by discarding premature RTO segments.


In Packeteer terminology, a packet is considered to be an early retransmit if PacketShaper receives the retransmitted packet while it still has the original packet in the queue to be forwarded.

Depending on the policies and partitions that are set, PacketShaper may hold some packets, and if the client or server retransmits during that time, it will drop the retransmitted packet since it already has the original packet in the forwarding queue.