Reporter configuration files


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Reporter keeps it's working configuration files in the following folder(s):

Folder For Windows:

<installed drive>/program files/Bluecoat Reporter 9/settings

Folder For Linux:


Common configuration files between operating systems:

external_user_sources.cfg ----- Holds the configuration for the LDAP realm.

external_user_sources.cfg------ Holds the configuration for group membership for all users, who have access Reproter via LDAP.

local_users.cfg---------------------- Holds the configuration for non-LDAP users who log into Reporter.

log_sources.cfg----------------------Holds the configuration for all log sources in use by Reporter.

preferences.cfg-----------------------Holds the configuration for the Reporter service.  Contains information such as  webserver ports, language, software limits, HTTP(s) and database archive folders.

roles.cfg--------------------------------Holds the configuration for roles based services.  Contains privledges for each role.

schedule.cfg--------------------------Holds the confiuration for scheduled jobs such as report jobs, and database expire triggers.

NOTE: For a detailed explanation of what files hold the LDAP configuration, please see:


Diagnostics file folder (10.x):


Database configuration files:

These cfg text files are kept under the databases folder, one step lower than the above folders for settings.

They are named with a hash, and do not resemble the name of the datbase you used in the User Configuration.

An database example name:



Startup log text  files:

 Folder For Windows:

<installed drive>/program files/Bluecoat Reporter 9/

Folder For Linux:


Common log  files between operating systems:

bcservice.out.   Shows the service starting and stopping.

bcreporter.out  Contains all errrors for the service.

isready.txt    File created immediatly after Reporter is installed.  Informs the service that the service "IS ReADY" to start.

Note: All day to day information is contained in the  journal files and are kept in the folder just below this one, called Journal.


TIP: If you want to change the images that appear in the PDF reports, look in this folder:

For Windows:

<installed drive> \Blue Coat Reporter 9\settings_default\pdf


<installed volume> /opt/reporter/settings_default/pdf