Incorrect URL or website categorization requires WebPulse site review
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Incorrect URL or website categorization requires WebPulse site review


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A website categorized by a Symantec product is believed to have one of the following issues:

  • Bad or incorrect URL categorization
  • Website is categorized incorrectly, not categorized, or is insufficiently categorized.
  • Website is believed to be mis-categorized
  • Website is categorized as suspicious.

You want to request a review of the website and its categorization through Symantec's WebPulse service.


  1. Go to, enter the URL you want to have reviewed, and click "Check Category"
  2. If you believe that the category returned is incorrect, populate the form with the following information:
    • Filtering Service - Choose the application that you are working with.
    • Your suggested category or categories - Select the appropriate category/categories.
    • Email address - Enter the email address of the person or entity to notify when the review is complete.
    • CC Email Addresses - Enter the email addresses of all other persons or entities to notify when the review is complete.
    • Comments and Site Description - Provide additional details to help us make a successful classification.
  3. Click Submit for Review.

    If the URL is accepted for the specified category, it will typically be updated within 24 to 48 hours.

As a short-term workaround for this issue, you can add the URL to an allow-list.

Additional Information

WebPulse Site Review can only be used to submit one URL at the time, and does not currently support bulk submissions.

If you are interested in a long term solution to reduce the number uncategorized sites, Symantec offers subscription services for sending bulk submissions via an API or portal. Contact your Symantec Sales Engineer (SE) for pricing and information.