Want to force Proxyclient to download latest configuration from ProxySG.


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


 - There's a change on the ProxySG configuration for Proxyclient and needed to be updated urgently on the client Proxyclient application.

example of a scenario case:

A company clients machine has received bad policy to Proxyclient.
To make sure client machine is updated with the corrected Policy, needed a command to force update on client machine Proxyclient applications.


 1. in client machine, right click on the Proxy Client icon under the bottom task bar and choose "show status"

2. then you will see a browser prompted up, accessing to, now click on the “Advanced” tab and the address bar will changed to
3. now click on the “Check For Updates Now”, and the Proxy Client will connect to ProxySG and pull the latest policy and install it.
4. a prompt up small windows will show you the status of the software or configuration updates.
5. or you may follow above KB link 000015471 steps to check the Proxy Client logs to confirm the status of Proxy clients configuration.