Warning 6F0101 on the Event Logs. What is it?


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SG-300 SG-600 SG-810 SG-9000 SG-900


This is a generic warning that will be displayed on the event logs if one of the services suchs as DNS, Authentication Realm, ICAP service, Forwarding host, DRTR.rating_service have failed:

The following example shows a failure on DNS, and drtr.rating_service. 

On the event logs it shows the following error:

2013-07-24 16:02:01-00:00UTC  "Health Monitor (WARNING): Health Check Status is 'WARNING'"  1 6F0101:1   
If you go to the advanced URL listed below it will display the statictics of all your services:


At this point we are looking into the failed services:

DNS Server

  dns.    Enabled  	Check failed  	DOWN
    Last status: DNS lookup failed.
    Successes (total): 0  	(last): Never  	(consecutive): 0
    Failures  (total): 8  	(last): Wed, 24 Jul 2013 16:03:19 GMT  	(consecutive): 8  	(external): 0
    Last response time: 1893 ms  	Average response time: 2065 ms
    Minimum response time: 1893 ms  	Maximum response time: 2706 ms

This information can also be found from the GUI by going to Statistics -> Health Checks -> In there you can see the current state:

Select the service you want to check on and click on details. This will display the same information as shown above.

Depending on your settings it might send you email notifications after a certain number of consecutive failures.