Verify whether any PacketShaper plug-ins are missing


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I want to make sure I have all available plug-ins.


An easy way to automatically download any missing plug-ins for your current software version is to telnet to your PacketShaper and issue the CLI command

update -i

This command polls Packeteer's software server and cross-checks for any missing plug-ins. If it finds plug-ins that you don't already have on your PacketShaper, you will be asked to download them.  After the download completes, you must reset your PacketShaper to load the plug-ins into memory.

* Note: For this to work, you need to have DNS configured, a valid support contract, and the PacketShaper must have access to the Internet.

If the above does not work, you can go to the Blue Coat Download page for PacketShaper. You will see various image versions available for PacketShaper and next to each one you will see the link to the plug-ins. You should click the Plug-ins link next to the PacketShaper version you have.