How to extract artifact discussions using WSAPI
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How to extract artifact discussions using WSAPI


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Exporting artifact discussions (user story or defects) is not functional in Agile Central using the built-in tools or Excel Add-in. 

How can discussion posts from Rally artifacts be exported or extracted?


Currently there is no mechanism to export discussions from Agile Central using the page export tools or the Excel Add-in.  However, the discussion posts can be extracted using WSAPI.

Extract the data with a WSAPI query as follows:

1.     Retrieve the Object OID for the artifact from a URL where the user story or defect is in a detailed view within the application.

Be certain not to copy any of the HTML entity codes that may precede the object ID.  HTML entity codes start with a % and are followed by a two digit hexidecimal value such as %2F.  This is not part of the object ID.

2.     From the ConversationPost object in the help pages (Developers > Web Services API)  insert a query in the query string entry box in form of ( Artifact = "/Artifact/<OBJECT_OID>" )

For this example it would be ( Artifact = "/Artifact/<OBJECT_OID" ).  There should be spaces on each end of the bracketed query and before and after the equal sign.  Additionally, check the boxes for ‘Fetch full objects’ and ‘Beautified JSON output’ as shown here. Click on the Query button outlined in blue on the page.



3.     The following (partial) output will be returned, the Discussion post output to the right of the Text: is circled. In this example, the text post is ‘123456’.