Using the ProxySG, how do I allow a single Google doc?


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I want to allow access to a single Google document without allowing access to all of


Use the following CPL to allow granular control over the Google Docs files accessed, in both transparent and explicit proxy deployments:

NOTE: SSL Interception is required if you are using an explicit connection.

 ssl.forward_proxy(https) ssl.forward_proxy.issuer_keyring(default) 
<SSL> condition=!__is_notify_internal

<Proxy> url.domain="" ; Guarded so only activates layer
 condition="connect_method" Allow ; Needed for Explicit connections
 condition="google_docs_allow" Allow ; What needs to be allowed
 url.domain="" Deny ; Deny everything else in google docs
define condition "connect_method"
end condition "connect method"

define condition "google_docs_allow"
    url.path.substring="/path/of/the/document"  ;  edit this to match the path of the document you are trying to reach
end condition "google_docs_allow"