Using the customer portal feature


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PacketShaper's customer portal feature offers Service Providers the ability to design web pages that can be viewed by individual customers so that they can see their current usage or historical data. Customers have their own user names and passwords so that they can view their own data and reports uniquely designed for them.


Here are the basic steps to set up the customer portal feature:

  1. Create the user accounts from the Customer Portal Administration setup page.
  2. Download the sample files from BlueTouch Online. You will need to log in with your BTO credentials. For details, see Download Sample Portal Files.
  3. FTP the files into the proper directory:
    a. blank.gif, lginbtn.gif, libmd5.js, login.htm to 9.258/customer directory.
    b. ex1.htm, isp1.htm, glast24.htm, glast60.htm, owner1.htm, notes1.htm to 9.258/customer/ directory.
  4. Rename ex1.htm to index.htm.
  5. To log into the portal page, type the following in the browser: http:///customer and you will get to the index.htm page inside the directory after you log in.

You can modify login.htm and all other files as needed, as well as put the files in different locations. This is just a quick example to get your started. Please see PacketGuide for more instructions.


 For details on using the portal feature, see the Customer Portal Overview in PacketGuide.